Implementation Taskforce Enquiry Form

You can submit a query to the MDR/IVDR Implementation Taskforce using this form. Please enter all information in English.

Your enquiry will be sent on to the Implementation Taskforce and any relevant working groups for consideration. Enquiries will be aggregated in order to help us understand stakeholder concerns and may inform our implementation work. We may choose to contact you, if we require further clarification, but responses to individual enquiries will not be issued.

Whilst we may choose to publish informal guidance based on your enquiry, any views given by us on the interpretation of the legislation represent our best judgement at the time, based on the information available. Such views are not meant to be a definitive statement of law, which may only be given by the European Court of Justice. Accordingly, we would always advise you to seek the views of your own professional advisors or branch organisations.

You may also wish to visit the European Commission website for further information.

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