About Working Groups

Working Groups are important partners in delivering CAMD’s aims and objectives. We work with a number of groups that help us in a variety of ways.

Compliance and Enforcement group (COEN)

COEN has been set up to focus on the scope and better co-ordination of the enforcement activities by Member States and consider how communications and co-operation between Members States can be made more effective and efficient.

COEN is also responsible for disseminating CAMD’s first Joint Action project. COEN Joint Action 2014 is focused on improving co-ordination, harmonisation and supervision of the medical device market. It also aims to improve transparency regarding the compliance of medical devices to be re-used.

Notified Body Operations Group (NBOG)

NBOG aims to improve the overall performance of Notified Bodies in the medical devices sector by identifying and showcasing examples of best practice to be adopted by both Notified Bodies and the organisations responsible for their designation and control.

New and Emerging Technologies (NET)

NET aims to identify new, emerging and converging technologies, including innovative uses of existing technologies, relevant to medical devices and related areas. NET also works to consider the adequacy of the current regulatory regime for medical devices, as well as any anticipated regulatory changes, in relation to those technologies to identify any challenges and makes recommendations to the Medical Device Expert Group (MDEG) or relevant MDEG working groups on the best ways of addressing them.

Other Commission Expert Groups

The European Commission holds a register of Commission Expert Groups that also details some of the other advisory entities. Search for an expert group.

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