Thomas Wejs Møller (Chair)

Section Manager – Medical Devices, Danish Medicines Agency, Denmark

Thomas is an experienced manager in the public sector and has achieved good results with strategy, efficiency and management projects in health care, environmental and engineering field.

As section manager of medical devices in the Danish Medicines Agency Thomas works with the Danish health care sector, medtech industy and Patient-NGOs to secure patient safety.

Thomas holds a masters degree in political science from the University of Copenhagen, he has undertaken several courses and continuing education in project management and leadership and has several years of practical management experience from the public sector.

“Denmark shares the same challenges as many other countries – in trying to keep up with the implementation challenge and the developments with new and innovative products that keep on challenging our regulations. It is necessary that the countries in Europe work together – and share our best practices and our resources.

“I believe we are here to improve patient safety as we do that every day through our work with market surveillance. With the challenges ahead of us – with both new technology and new regulations – I believe that if we work together we are able to make the change and jump to the next level – of regulation – and control. That is my aim in the CAMD Executive Group.”

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+45 9359 6475

Dr. Wolfgang Lauer (Co-Chair)

Head of the division “Medical Devices”, BfArM, Germany

Wolfgang is the Head of the division “Medical Devices”  of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) in Germany.

+49 (0) 228 99 307-3894

Thierry Sirdey (Co-Chair)

Head of the department of medical devices, in vitro medical devices and cosmetic products, ANSM, France

With a background in polymer chemistry, Thierry began his career in the medical device industry sector where he moved from new product development and production activities to quality and regulatory affairs. He joined the French medical device competent authority in 2005 as chief of market surveillance and conformity assessment unit for medical device which scope was enlarged to IVD in 2010.

He has been involved in several groups at European and international levels, and notably for the implementation of medical device regulation on software (European software working group and IMDRF software as medical device group).

Deputy director of medical equipment and IVD department from 2012 to 2018, Thierry is now the head of the medical device, IVD and cosmetics products directorate in ANSM. He is a French representative at MDCG.

” MDR and IVDR are major milestones for the European regulation of MD and IVD products. It’s a unique opportunity to bring to patients safer, more innovative and more performant medical devices. Such a regulation needs a strong network among European competent authorities. CAMD Executive group has a major role to play in bringing this network alive, able to support the European Commission and MDCG to guarantee a success for the new regulation implementation.”

“ANSM continues its efforts to improve European collaboration in order to strengthen competent authorities network to raise up the confidence and efficacy on the medical device and IVD European regulatory framework.”

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