About the MDR/IVDR Implementation Taskforce

The work of the Implementation Taskforce has been split into two phases.

As part of phase I, which has now ended, the Implementation Taskforce developed a ‘European Priority Roadmap’ to help identify the key issues to be addressed, and provide a recommendation on where it may best be addressed as part of the implementation phase. These priorities were circulated for initial endorsement by the whole CAMD network, and the Working Group chairs, which will be responsible for meeting several of these priorities and for creating work plans to progress implementation work.

Phase II of the Implementation Taskforce began towards the end of 2017, following the publication of the roadmap. The objectives of phase II are to:

  • maintain the priorities and roadmap on an ongoing basis;
  • facilitate engagement and interface between working groups in order to deliver the roadmap;
  • act as a communication hub in order to identify key issues and challenges associated with implementation of regulations and seek to find common communication on identified elements (both within the network and external, EU and non-EU).


Download the MDR/IVDR Roadmap.

Members of the MDR/IVDR Implementation Taskforce

Members States represented on the taskforce include:


  • Austria (AT)
  • Germany (DE)


  • Belgium (BE)
  • Denmark (DK)
  • France (FR)
  • Greece (EL)
  • Ireland (IE)
  • Italy (IT)
  • Netherlands (NL)
  • Portugal (PT)
  • Spain (ES)
  • Sweden (SE)
  • Switzerland (CH)
  • United Kingdom (UK)